Monday, July 8, 2019

July 13th picnic

Hi Neighbor!

(flyer yesterday had Saturday the 11th... please note the correction)

This coming Saturday, July 13th, is the Annual July Potluck Picnic, starting at 4 pm, for all Heathstead Homeowners and their families!  We order BBQ, pulled pork, etc., from Hickory House and invite EVERYONE to meet in our “Park” located at the west end of the Center Circle of homes.

Set up for the shade awnings and tables begins at 10 am.  (All able bodied people are asked to help!  It takes four or so to get the shade tents up!)

Afternoon set up of tables and food begins at 3:00 pm.

Eating begins at 4 pm.

Can YOU help with any of the following?:

  • Long, strong arms to help set up shade tents at 10 am!
  • Shade tents or tarps to help keep everyone cool (needed by 10 am)
  • Food:
    • any dishes that your family likes that will enhance the BBQ’d ribs, chicken, or pulled pork;
    • foods that YOU can eat if you aren’t into pork or chicken
    • Desserts
    • Games to play
    • Long or short plastic tables

ALL ATTENDEES are asked to bring their own chairs and a dish to add to the table.