Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pine Curve (update)

Pine Curve Property Proposed Rezoning

Project Update:

The Town of Parker is currently engaged in a project to prepare Planned Development (PD) zoning for the Pine Curve property located at the intersection of Mainstreet and Pine Drive. The purpose of the PD zoning is to prepare the site for future commercial development based upon reasonable development costs.  The Town values public participation in the zoning process and has received substantial public input about the project from residents, especially those living in the neighborhoods closest to the site. 
The Mayor and Town Council have therefore determined that it is appropriate to table the zoning process to review the many public comments that have been received and consider how they influence the proposed PD zoning. The tabling of this process is intended to be limited in duration and will provide the Mayor, Town Council and staff the opportunity to review the comments, address potential concerns and incorporate appropriate responses in the final zoning to be considered at a future date. This decision will also enable the Town to further evaluate the financial aspects of the project related to infrastructure needs, site development costs and economic development benefits, such as retail sales tax and employment. The Town of Parker recognizes the substantial public interest in the Pine Curve PD zoning process and appreciates the efforts of residents to make their voice heard in this project.

Project Background:

In 2002, the Town purchased a 24.4-acre parcel on the east side of downtown Parker, known as the Pine Curve property. The property was originally purchased for a proposed new police station and fire department headquarters. These facilities have been constructed at other locations in Town and are no longer planned for this site.

The Town is proposing to rezone the property from the current zoning of Greater Downtown District – Historic Center to Planned Development (PD).

A Rezoning establishes the land use standards for future development which includes:
  • Permitted land uses
  • Setbacks from property lines
  • Height limits
  • Architectural standards
A Rezoning is not:
  • A development proposal
  • A site or a landscape plan
  • An engineering document
  • Does not subdivide property
  • Does not transfer property to a new owner
  • Does not determine the final end user or business

Pine Curve Timeline

  • 2002 - Town purchases 24.4 acre parcel now referred to as Pine Curve for police station and fire department headquarters
  • 2002 - Town annexes and zones the property Greater Downtown District – Historic Center
  • 2009 - Town determines that there is not a need to retain the property for municipal purposes
  • 2009 - Town conducts public outreach to receive input regarding future private use of the property
  • 2010 - Town releases a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a private developer to purchase and develop the property; the Town receives two respondents
  • 2015 - Town initiates proposal to rezone property from Greater Downtown District – Historic Center to Planned Development (PD)

Current Zoning - Greater Downtown District - Historic Center

The site is currently zoned Greater Downtown District – Historic Center, which allows for a mix of multifamily and commercial land uses. The current zoning allows for a downtown style development pattern which includes specific architectural and urban design requirements, permits heights of up to 4 stories or 60’ allows for a 0’ setback from property lines and does not require parking.

Proposed Zoning - Planned Development

The proposed draft Planned Development (PD) zoning including the PD map, PD guide, traffic study and referral responses can be found on the eTrakIt online development permit tracking program. To enter eTrakIt click here. Once in eTrakIt, click on search under the projects heading then enter case number Z16-012. To view the current draft of the Planned Development and a brief table comparing the current zoning with the proposed zoning, please click on the links below:

Public Outreach

The Town held three public open houses starting in December 2015 regarding the proposed rezoning, to view the presentation boards from the open houses, please click on the dates below:

Preliminary Public Hearing Dates

All rezoning proposals are considered by Planning Commission for a recommendation and Town Council for an action at Public Hearings. Public Hearings are held at regularly scheduled meetings of the Planning Commission and Town Council at Town Hall, 20120 E. Mainstreet. The target Public Hearing dates for this project to be presented to the Planning Commission and Town Council are:

  • Planning Commission (Public Hearing): May 12, 2016 at 7 p.m.         
  • Town Council First Reading (Consent Agenda): May 16, 2016 at 7 p.m.
  • Town Council Second Reading (Public Hearing): June 6, 2016 at 7 p.m.

Additional Information

For more information, please email Mary Munekata or Bryce Matthews, or you can contact either at 303.841.2332.