Thursday, December 10, 2015

Consent Form & Annual Meeting Notes

Hello Heathstead Community!

A Big Thank You to those who attended last nights Annual Meeting of Owners whether in Person or by Proxy.

We thank you again for your participation in this wonderful community.

We had an election for a new Director, and the Private Majority Vote was awarded to Allan Sharka to serve a two year term.  Thank you to Jim Kelly for your past two years of volunteer service on the Board.

John Huber was voted Heathstead Community Delegate to Participate in Canterberry Master Association Business.  Thank you to Bob Hammer for serving this volunteer position over the past two years.

Basic Maintenance Tier Dues remain $85.00 for 2016 

Low Maintenance Tier Dues increase to $241.00 for 2016
(unless we receive 67% of the entire community's Consent Forms to remove HOA Roof Maintenance Language from the Declaration).

That's 43 Homeowners that need to Consent. (Yes, KB 11 are apart of the Community and can vote to allow the Amendment without any change to the Basic Tier).

Please fill out an return your Consent Form ASAP to or Fax to 303.693.8803

The form can be found at the following link.  Heathstead Consent Form

Quick completion and turn in would allow time for the Management Company the Opportunity to set-up Coupon Payment Books for the decreased dues amount of $180 per month for the Low Maintenance Tier.  The faster we achieve 43, the faster we can achieve the lower dues requirement.

There is no change needed for those currently under Auto-Draft.  For those that Pay their Dues in advance, we would recommend paying the reduced monthly amount until further notice.

Again, turn in your Consent Forms ASAP.  We achieve 43 consents, Low Tier Dues drop to $180.00 per month.  If we do not achieve that minimum amount of Consents... the  Dues will be $241.00 per month.

Should you happen to have any questions on the Amended Declaration or any other items, please do not hesitate to contact Shane Lussier of Cherry Creek HOA Professionals @ 303.693.2118

Thank you again,

Your Heathstead Board of Directors