Monday, December 21, 2015

Amended Declarations are official!

Hello Heathstead Community!

As an update, we officially received Owner Consent to Amend the Declaration to remove Roof Maintenance requirements from the HOA responsibility.  They are now Owner Maintenance Responsibility.

This allows the 2016 Dues to drop for the Low Tier.

Basic Maintenance Tier Dues remain $85.00 for 2016 

Low Maintenance Tier Dues decrease to $180.00 for 2016

Again, there is no change needed for those currently under Auto-Draft.  Coupons Books will be sent out today with this corrected and updated information.

Should you happen to have any questions on the Amended Declaration or any other items, please do not hesitate to contact Shane Lussier of Cherry Creek HOA Professionals @ 303.693.2118

Thank you again,

Your Heathstead Board of Directors