Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Heathstead RIF Process "Please Read Carefully"

Dear Neighbors,
Recently, our Architectural Review Committee and several families who submitted Requests for Improvement (RIF) documents experienced a challenging situation where the RIFs approved by our Heathstead ARC were rejected by the Master Canterberry ARC for lack of a PLOT PLAN.  The particular RIFs were pertaining to work that did not apply to the entire properties, but very small and localized areas.  Our Heathstead ARC did not feel it necessary to submit more than what had been provided to us for approval.
We have been just recently made aware regarding the delays in the approval process with regards to these specific RIFs and any subsequent RIFs coming from our neighborhood.  Apparently, some rules have changed at the Master Association level which filter down to us.  These rules REQUIRE ALL RIFS to be accompanied by a plot plan of the property in question along with the fully completed RIF form and any and all additional dimensions, drawings, pictures, etc., which give an accurate picture of work for which the approval is sought.  (i.e. inches/feet of plants, etc. from foundation or property lines)
In the past, we have NOT REQUIRED a full plot plan of the property, but the Master Association will no longer review RIFs without the accompanying Plot which includes the PROPERTY’S DIMENSIONS, DRAINAGE, WATER & UTILITY lines. 
I have been informed that if you do not have a digitized copy of your plot plan, you can contact the Town of Parker and request one.  Such a request has a 24-hour turn-around.  You can reach the Parker Building Department by phone (303-841-1970) or by e-mail (  They will need your name and address.  They will then locate your plot plan, scan it, and send it to you…at no charge.
If you plan on submitting a RIF in the future, please take into consideration that all of us must comply with the new rules.  When you submit your RIF, please include the plot plan, any and all drawings, dimensions, information, and descriptions that give a total and complete “picture” of the work you have planned.  This will apply to even SMALL projects.  The Master ARC is very concerned that proposed projects do not negatively impact DRAINAGE, WATER OR UTILITY LINES, etc. 
FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED IMMEDIATE PROBLEMS, on behalf of the HEATHSTEAD ARC, please accept my deepest apologies for the problems this new requirement is causing.  We again, did not learn of the new requirement and how it came about until just recently!  Some of you have been very upset by the delay in your approval – with justification.  However, we are doing everything we can do to expedite your RIF approval.
Also know that the Heathstead ARC will have to revise its current documentation and RIF requirements in order to comply with the Master ARC’s new rules.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding this issue. 
Jane Sharka
Heathstead ARC Contact