Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mothers' Day Storm

Good Afternoon Heathstead Community,
With all the trees and branches down, it seems no community was unscathed along the Front Range.

We will be having landscape crews doing clean ups for quite a while beginning today. I know that everyone wants their properties done first. However, due to the hazards in some location on properties they will have to take priority first.
1) Properties will be checked for branches or trees laying on sidewalks, roads and driveways first. These will be cleared with the debris stock piled to the side.
2) Crews will come out and pick up loose branches and stock pile them by the road to be chipped or hauled away at a later date.
3) Once all the hazards are removed pruning crews will come out and prune hanging branches that are in the the remaining trees. This may take a while to get to all the properties. But landscapers will not forget us!
4) During the next couple of weeks chipper trucks will come around to remove all remaining piles that exist.

Thanks again,