Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Removal

Some owners may not be aware of the Heathstead Snow Removal Policy.  Here is a copy of the policy found in the Rules document on the website:


The Association will provide for Snow removal in Heathstead subject to the following stipulations: 
a) The Association will provide for snow removal from sidewalks, driveways and 
walkways up to the porch areas when homes within the Heathstead Owners 
Association have a snow accumulation of two inches (2") to be measured in the 
middle of the driveways. 
b) The snow removal contractor will be responsible for determining when homes 
have a two (2") accumulation. When snow removal is warranted, the snow removal contractor will begin removing snow when the snowfall has completely 
c) A depth of less than two (2") will be the responsibility of the homeowner. 
Removal of ice buildup from the daily thaw is not the Association's responsibility 
and is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. Daily thaw is the melting of 
existing snow, which turns to icy conditions as the temperature drops to 
freezing and below. The Associations snow removal contract does not provide for 
the removal of ice caused by daily thaw. The Association's responsibility is to 
remove snow within the accumulation guidelines set forth by the Board of 
Directors. We would encourage all homeowners to use special caution when 
venturing out in the snow and icy conditions. 


We will do our best during and shortly after snow events to let owners know by email as to the status of snow removal operations.  If snow operations are warranted, and you have concerns about the manner in which they are completed, please contact the management company so that they can address your concerns.


The Town of Parker also has guidelines and requirements for owners and residents.  For a brochure published by the Town on this topic, you can download the link below.